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Blurred Lines: Researchers have a clear view of the future of worldwide eye care

Blurred Lines

The project: A joint project between Glasgow University’s specialist Imaging Concepts Group and Optos’ technical research department to test the possibilities of increasing the field of view and quality of scanning laser ophthalmoscope images.

The challenge: Optos’ current market-leading camera operates at the limits of ‘conventional’ optics to be the only one able to take diagnostic pictures of 80% of the retina. Even then, the clarity of the images can be affected by aberrations, essentially blurring the images at the edges. The equipment necessary for such comprehensive scans is also quite bulky and not easily portable. These factors make it more time consuming, expensive and complicated to accurately image the eye and identify signs of disease.

The purpose: Using computational imaging could deliver a breakthrough in this technology, with the potential to change the way retinal imaging is undertaken worldwide, through enhanced quality of the images with lighter and lower cost instruments. It might also be used to make complex eye exams more accessible to remote locations and the developing world.

The people and partners: CENSIS (the Scottish Centre for Sensors and Imaging Systems), the University of Glasgow and Optos.

The outcomes: After testing the technology thoroughly, researchers at both the University of Glasgow and Optos anticipate developing the cameras for patient use in the near future.

The proposed future impact: If successful, the Optos project will introduce another step change in worldwide eye care, building on its previous revolutionary, and now market-leading, ultra wide-field ophthalmoscope.

This case study was published in June 2014.



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