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Glasgow School of Art hosts one of Europe’s largest labs for 3D visualisation, and the Savalas Dolby Premier Studio at Film City is one of only three in the UK.

3D Definitive Human: Head and Neck viewer

The project: 3D Definitive Human: Head and Neck viewer

A fully interactive and medically validated 3D viewer for head and neck anatomy, a pioneering collaborative project between the Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art and NHS Education for Scotland.

The challenge: To develop the most accurate anatomical model of the human head and neck in the world combined with a suite of innovative tools for user interaction providing risk-free simulation and training.

The purpose: To create the definitive model of human head and neck anatomy to improve patient care, enhance knowledge and skills amongst medical professionals, as well as to increase efficiency and productivity in healthcare and enable remote learning. The viewer will have considerable potential for exploitation by the Health Sciences sector in global markets.

The people: The Glasgow School of Art team consists of, Professor Anderson, director of the Digital Design Studio, Paul Rea, licensed teacher of anatomy and a project development team. The organisations involved are The Digital Design Studio, The University of Glasgow, The Fulbright Commission, The Centre for Health Science and a Clinical Advisory Panel.

The outcomes:The project delivered its aims of constructing the world’s most accurate and detailed anatomical model of the human head and neck, using state-of-the-art data acquisition techniques (laser-scanning/CT/MRI), combined with advanced, real-time 3D modelling skills and interactive visualisation expertise.

The impact: The 3D Head and Neck dataset is acknowledged by academic and NHS educators to be an immensely valuable asset as a core adjunct to traditional methods of anatomy teaching. This innovative learning technology is a key part of the overall strategy of NHS Education for Scotland to provide leading edge support for the education and training of dentists, doctors, nurses, surgeons and the full range of allied health professionals in all biomedical sciences.

This case study was published in May 2014



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