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Celebrating #OurScienceHeritage

Some members of the BEST group at Glasgow University beside an #OurScienceHeritage poster on display on Glasgow Subway

Scotland's rich science and engineering heritage and modern day advances, in particular made through sensor technology, is being celebrated in a poster campaign on Glasgow Subway to coincide with the world's largest conference on sensors, IEEE Sensors Conference, taking place in the city from 30 October to 1 November 2017.

This unique project, supported by IEEE Sensors Council, BEST group at the University of Glasgow and Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame, is using Glasgow Subway as a vehicle to reach out to Glaswegians to highlight the positive impact research has made to their lives and connected the world. 

A lot has changed since the days of the innovations of the industrial revolution and it can sometimes be difficult to connect the modern gadgets we use to the basic innovations. For example, modern day communication gadgets such as mobile phones or television use lots of sensors which weren’t available when they were first invented (in Scotland).

Commuters will be able to spot posters on themes of 'Communication' and 'Transportation' at stations on Glasgow Subway between 23 October and 5 November and are invited to engage with the project team through the Twitter hashtag #OurScienceHeritage



IEEE Sensors Council

BEST group at University of Glasgow

Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame

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