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This week in our countdown to Explorathon 2017 on the 29th and 30th of September we take a closer look at two of the events you can be part of through this celebration of research.


Patterns and Puzzles in Place Names

Braehead, Bishopbriggs, Drumchapel – which is the odd one out? Join us as we uncover the ancient meanings and hidden patterns within the names of Scotland’s cities and towns.

A pin stuck onto a map of Scotland, highlighting 'Glasgow'. Image: Shutterstock

Scotland’s place-names are fascinating and diverse, created by a wide range of people speaking different languages at different times. But within this diversity are recurring patterns that, once recognised, help us to decode the panorama of place-names and understand more about how our ancestors saw the world. In this interactive talk-cum-quiz, Radio Scotland’s “Cryptic Carole” (aka Carole Hough, Professor of Onomastics) unravels some of the main strands within Scottish place-names, and challenges the audience to test their knowledge and intuition.

Ideal for those interested in history, geography quizzes or the generally curious!

Do you have a favourite place name story, or an interesting nickname for a place? Share it on the Facebook event!

Patterns and Puzzles in Place Names: University of Glasgow, 6pm, Friday 29th September

Free tickets for the event are available here.


Film Screening: Govan Young – UK Premier

In the magnificent surroundings of Govan Old Church we will uncover the history of the Kingdom of Strathclyde with the UK premier of award winning documentary Govan Young.

School Pupils from Pirie Park Primary School

Join the pupils of Pirie Park Primary School as they encounter kings and Vikings whilst they discover the lost kingdom of Strathclyde in the award-winning documentary film “Govan Young”, directed by David Archibald, Martin Clark and Cara Connolly.

The film has already been screened in India, South Korea, Malta and Greece and this special UK Premiere in Govan Old Church, home of the Govan Stones, promises to be something special as the church is transformed into a pop-up cinema for the night.

Introduced by the filmmakers and archaeologist Prof Steve Driscoll.

View the film’s trailer below:

Govan Young: Govan Old Church, 6pm, Friday 29th September

Free tickets for the event are available here.


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Visit the Explorathon website for the full programme of events and discover how you can get involved in events in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. All Glasgow events are free however booking may be required. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. #explorathon17 Look-out for more posts, each week on the run up to Explorathon 2017, as we reveal more of the exciting programme!

*EXPLORATHON (European Researchers’ Night Scotland) is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Actions programme. Grant agreement No 722967


Look-out for more posts each week on the run up to Explorathon 2017, as we reveal more of the exciting programme!

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