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Grounds to create global change

TueAMUTCE_September+0000RSepAMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

To mark International Zero Waste Week Scott Kennedy, co-founder of Revive Eco and member of Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, shares how the company stops used coffee grounds going to landfill.

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Learning to fuel the growth of a more sustainable world

MonAMUTCE_August+0000RAugAMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Rachel Clark from the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) encourages students into science to help save the planet.

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The Scottish Government’s ambitious climate change targets will boost our bioeconomy

ThuPMUTCE_May+0000RMayPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Ian Archer, technical director at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, explains why the commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is good news for the planet and good news for biotechnology.

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Showcasing Projects with Industry

MonAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_1C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

A poster presentation and networking event at Engage with Strathclyde will demonstrate the benefits of collaboration between industry and students. Some 40 projects will be on show including SME carbon audits, treatment of land contamination, environmental management, Green Network Strategy and hydrogeology projects overseas.

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Glasgow’s Green Year 2015; Biodiversity July!

MonPMUTCE_July+0000RJulPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Biodiversity in abundance this July, writes the team at Green Glasgow, with lot's of great opportunity to get outdoors and explore nature around the city.

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Greenland360 expedition inspires climate change action

MonPMUTCE_March+0000RMarPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Last year, a small team of geography students from Scotland organised their own expedition to Greenland to study the impact of climate change and to create public and educational resources. Writing for Glasgow City of Science, Cameron Mackay shares his personal story of some of the challenges facing our changing planet.

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