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Artificial intelligence and 3D-printed organs: Art of Possible investigates the future of healthcare

MonAMUTCE_May+0000RMayAMUTC_0C6 Health and Life Sciences

Thanks to Scottish innovation, the future of healthcare could involve using 3D-printed organs for transplants and monitoring the vital signs of every human being through artificial intelligence. But how do we get there and what progress has been made so far?

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You might not know it yet, but industrial biotechnology is vital to our future

TueAMUTCE_January+0000RJanAMUTC_0C6 Health and Life Sciences

Roger Kilburn, CEO of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, explains how IB is changing the world.

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PATHway – Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD

MonAMUTCE_August+0000RAugAMUTC_1C6 Health and Life Sciences

A European project involving researchers from the University of Glasgow's Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA) group is pioneering a novel approach towards better self-management of Cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

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Net Benefits - Is the Digital Society Good for Us?

ThuAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_1C6 Health and Life Sciences

More than ever, we work, live, learn and engage in social networks. But are computers and the networked society a force for good? Or are the fears of new technologies justified?

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Body Image and Eating Disorders – Planning Future Research to Combat Current Challenges

MonAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_1C6 Health and Life Sciences

Writing for Glasgow City of Science in the run up to Engage with Strathclyde week, Dr Petya Eckler highlights research on body image and eating disorders that will be discussed at an event, 'Body Image and Eating Disorders: Future Research Priorities'.

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The Genetics of Gregor Mendel: A Game of Seeds!

MonAMUTCE_February+0000RFebAMUTC_1C6 Health and Life Sciences

It wasn't that long ago that the notion of inheritance of characteristics through genes was somewhat fanciful. As Kirsty Martin explains, one green-fingered scientist's work in particular cultivated the bloom in genetics we see around us today.

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