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What could you do with quantum imaging?

MonAMUTCE_August+0000RAugAMUTC_1C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

QuantIC, the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging based at the University of Glasgow is inviting people to suggest new ideas and applications for its research.

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Strathclyde Student Chapter of SIAM Annual Meeting

ThuAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_1C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Maths might be hard to grips with, but its application in industry brings huge benefits that touch all our lives. An event on 3rd May at the University of Strathclyde will showcase some of these vital applications.

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Stem Cells and Social Media – The Future for the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Cell Engineering

ThuAMUTCE_February+0000RFebAMUTC_1C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Writing for Glasgow City of Science, Paula Sweeten, PhD Student & Social Media Strategist tells us why and how The Centre for Cell Engineering decided to embrace social media platforms to take the impact of their work in the lab to the outside world.

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Engineering The Shard

WedPMUTCE_September+0000RSepPMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

ScienceGrrl Glasgow's Professor Tracey Howe blogs on a recent talk in Glasgow given by inspirational structural engineer, Roma Agrawal.

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Supercomputing for all in the West of Scotland with ARCHIE-WeSt

ThuAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

ARCHIE-WeSt is a regional supercomputer centre at the University of Strathclyde dedicated to research excellence and wealth creation in the West of Scotland. Richard Martin explains how the centre is providing High Performance Computing capability for academia, industry and enterprise.

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Knowledge exchange drives science, technology and business

ThuAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Dr Sean McGinty, a Research and Knowledge Exchange Associate at the University of Strathclyde's Department of Mathematics and Statistics writes for Glasgow City of Science on a SMART way to support solving real world problems.

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