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What could you do with quantum imaging?

QuantIC is inviting suggestions on applications for its research

QuantIC, the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging based at the University of Glasgow is inviting people to suggest new ideas and applications for its research.

The Hub’s research centres on using quantum mechanics and light’s “uncertainties” to improve existing imaging systems and develop new innovative sensing technologies. For example, researchers have developed a camera so fast it can see around corners and a camera that uses a single pixel to detect gas leaks. There are potentially more applications and QuantIC has developed a short film to explain some of its research and is inviting people to suggest new ideas and applications for its researchers to explore.

Professor Miles Padgett, Principal Investigator of QuantIC said, “Innovation is about collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Indeed, QuantIC is keen to hear from anyone – irrespective of whether they have a scientific background or not – with suggestions on new applications and where they think quantum imaging technology could to lead in the future. So if watching our short film sparks an idea about how our technology could be used, why not get in touch?”

QuantIC is committed to facilitating ongoing engagement with its research and increasing understanding of quantum physics. Alongside the short film, it has a “Making the invisible visible” exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre and has run Quantum, Physics workshops for secondary school teachers and is in the process of launching a Quantum Buddies outreach programme.

You can catch the short film here.

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