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Living Liebig’s laboratory legacy

MonAMUTCE_May+0000RMayAMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

Writing for Glasgow City of Science this time around is Kirsty Martin. Chemist, Justus von Liebig starts-off a series of posts over the coming months on important figures in science down the years and how they've impacted on our work today: "Whose Shoulders Are These Anyway?"

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Dissecting futures: Rosannah Jackson’s Anatomy STEM Club

MonAMUTCE_May+0000RMayAMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

STEM Ambassador, Rosannah Jackson is inspiring future generations of scientists with an Anatomy STEM Club at Boclair Academy.

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Asteroids and Space Debris – Space for Education

MonAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

Peter McGinty from the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Strathclyde talks about Stardust.

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Skills legacy for community through reCYCLE project

MonPMUTCE_November+0000RNovPMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

reCYCLE is an innovative collaboration project in the city that takes unwanted bicycles, refurbishes them if required and donates them to young Glaswegians who need them, helping them learn new skills or providing an affordable mode of transport for job interviews or college.

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Glasgow’s living classrooms

ThuAMUTCE_September+0000RSepAMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

Joanne Dempster, OPAL Community Scientist for the Open Air Laboratories Project writes on the Glasgow City of Science blog about the great opportunities for schools to get outside and explore Glasgow's living classrooms.

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Use your network

MonAMUTCE_June+0000RJunAMUTC_0C6 Education and Skills Development

Ken Whipp, an Enabler from Entrepreneurial-Spark asks, "Who really challenges us to take a serious look at ourselves?"

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