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Some of the country’s most renowned experts in their fields are based in Glasgow, driving the sector within the region. Our blog platform gives individuals involved with science the opportunity to read and comment upon a diverse and thought-provoking mix of challenge-led opinion pieces Some may be serious, others light-hearted but always topical. The blog is open to contributions from any of our partner organisations who feel there is a subject they’d like to discuss, simply submit your blog post idea here.

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6 digital & software vacancies across Glasgow

Our partner, Enigma People Solutions has been working with some great clients on a host of different vacancies throughout the digital and software development sectors recently!

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6 digital & software vacancies across Glasgow

09/10/2017 Education and Skills Development

Our partner, Enigma People Solutions has been working with some great clients on a host of different vacancies throughout the digital and software development sectors recently!

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Explore the dark side of social media

25/09/2017 Tourism and Events

How is social media changing people's lives and perception of themselves? Join the debate at Explorathon's Coffee House Lecture on 29 September 2017.

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Unlock local research whilst you shop

18/09/2017 Tourism and Events

With under 2 weeks to go until Explorathon 2017 – Scotland’s European Researchers’ Night (29-30 September), we are highlighting Glasgow’s exciting programme of events and the researchers involved!

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Get exploring with Glasgow's researchers

11/09/2017 Tourism and Events

Experience an incredible night at the Riverside Museum, and amongst the exhibits, explore some of the fascinating research taking place around the city. And schools are getting in on the action too, with researchers taking interactive activities to around 40 Glasgow schools for Explorathon!

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Explorathon events with songs and scares

04/09/2017 Tourism and Events

Discover how Victorian novels became blockbuster musicals and explore issues of diversity in the movies both onscreen and behind the scenes.

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Researching the places that are dear to us

28/08/2017 Tourism and Events

Under the spotlight on the blog this week for Explorathon Glasgow 2017 - Uncover the origins of Scottish place names you thought you knew and learn about the history of the Kingdom of Strathclyde in the UK premier of the award-winning film, 'Govan Young'.

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Explorathon17 launches Glasgow programme for European Researchers' Night 2017

18/08/2017 Tourism and Events

Discover exciting and unexpected research taking place right on your doorstep during Explorathon 2017 in Glasgow on Friday 29 September.

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Glasgow vacancy alert for a Graduate eLearning Developer

14/07/2017 Education and Skills Development

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a graduate eLearning developer, through our partner, Enigma People Solutions. How do you fancy working with one of the UK’s fastest growing and most creative digital learning companies?

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The possibilities are endless

07/07/2017 Creative Industries

Encouraging collaboration between the STEM and creative sectors has the potential to deliver solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges.

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Terrific tech jobs around Glasgow

30/06/2017 Education and Skills Development

Are you looking for a new job in the tech industry? There's a variety of brilliant and interesting vacancies to be found around Glasgow and the West of Scotland right now via our partner, Enigma People Solutions!

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Top tech jobs in the West of Scotland

19/06/2017 Education and Skills Development

Here are 5 fulfilling roles in tech to be found right now across Glasgow and the West of Scotland through our partner, Enigma People Solutions.

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5 brilliant jobs in digital and technology in Glasgow and the West

06/06/2017 Education and Skills Development

Our partner, Enigma People Solutions is working on a variety of brilliant and interesting vacancies at the moment! Check out 5 of the opportunities and see if there's something to suit you!

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What will be your Image of Research for 2017?

05/06/2017 Tourism and Events

The University of Strathclyde’s annual competition, Images of Research, recently launched this year’s exhibition with a week-long residency at Engage with Strathclyde – the University’s flagship public engagement event – and was warmly received by the public. The seven category winners have been announced and now it’s over to you to vote for the overall winner.

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6 exciting vacancies in tech right now in the West of Scotland

22/05/2017 Education and Skills Development

Our partner, Enigma People Solutions round up some of the most interesting vacancies in electronics and tech at the moment around the West of Scotland.

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Storage Vault unlocks the secret of online branding

19/05/2017 Creative Industries

Mirroring your physical brand online can be a challenge for many businesses. Fraser Sutherland, Property and Marketing Manager for Storage Vault, reviews the firm’s digital development and offers advice about commissioning an agency.

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Bringing Valley culture to Glasgow’s waterfront

15/05/2017 Creative Industries

As specialists in mobile and web technologies, SwarmOnline use cutting edge applications to deliver results for clients across a diverse range of industries.

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How a Glasgow firm is adding a shine to global screen gems

12/05/2017 Creative Industries

Established in 2003, Glasgow-based company Park Circus handles theatrical distribution of thousands of film titles from the majority of the Hollywood studios and major British producers.

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Glasgow’s academic sector chalks up more success

08/05/2017 Creative Industries

The academic institutions around Glasgow continue to build upon their well-earned reputation of growing and nurturing the city's thirst for innovation and creativity. In this round-up of recent news, we pick out some of the developments from the sector locally that will help ensure internationally-recognised excellence for years to come.

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Computational intelligence at the service of the engineering sector

28/04/2017 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Meet the ICE Lab at the University of Strathclyde, where the gap between computational intelligence and real world engineering challenges is narrowed.

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The Future in Focus at Images of Research 2017

27/04/2017 Tourism and Events

Continuing our series of Engage with Strathclyde Week blogs, Janine Capaldi brings the future into focus with a snapshot of the annual competition that showcases innovative research from the University.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in Medtech Development

26/04/2017 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

The University of Strathclyde has an enviable record of experience in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). During Engage with Strathclyde Week in early May 2017, there's a suite of events with a focus on biomedical engineering project successes and how your company can benefit from their know-how.

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Design Creativity Through Humour and Improvisation

25/04/2017 Creative Industries

Coming up with good ideas is a funny old game! Dr Gillian Hatcher from the University of Strathclyde presents a compelling case for the value of improv in the creative design process.

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Engage with Strathclyde Business School

23/04/2017 Education and Skills Development

Discover an engaging series of events aimed at public, private and third sector organisations arranged by the Strathclyde Business School, taking place early May.

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Mining, Tourism and Settlements in Outer Space

21/04/2017 Tourism and Events

Who owns the Moon? On 2 May, Dr Saskia Vermeylen will give an enlightening talk as part of Engage with Strathclyde week where you can learn more about the legal wrangling that's likely to take place as humans continue to venture into outer space.

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Data, Data Everywhere

20/04/2017 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

As part of the Engage with Strathclyde Week, organisations across all sectors can get insight and support from a SMART consultancy unit based at the University's Department of Statistics and Mathematics to help approach the data challenges faced in their business and solve real world problems.

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Making Glasgow a Sustainable Food City

19/04/2017 Food and Drink

How can we secure the future of our food supply and health of our city? Amy Ritchie writes about the challenges faced and an interactive workshop being held as part of the Engage with Strathclyde events programme.

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Collaboration is opening doors for wood cooperative

10/04/2017 Creative Industries

Collaboration across Glasgow’s creative industries is helping a group of traditional businesses branch out into new markets and benefitting the local community.

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Founder’s funding fuels MadeBrave’s growth plan

07/04/2017 Creative Industries

Brand-led digital creative agency MadeBrave made its start in business life thanks to its founder’s willingness to invest his own money in his vision for the business.

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Focus is on Glasgow as top film location

03/04/2017 Creative Industries

Filmmakers are choosing Glasgow more and more frequently for their productions, big and small. The city's variety & versatility of locations, coupled with a strong desire and support mechanisms for developing the creative industries in the region have helped our reputation grow in this competitive arena. Jennifer Reynolds, Film Commissioner at Glasgow Film Office tells us more...

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City's flair for creativity and innovation shines through in 2017

31/03/2017 Creative Industries

The first few months of 2017 have seen Glasgow continue to build on its global reputation as fertile ground for creative and innovative minds to flourish. Check out some of the fruits of of the city's success...

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Partnering approach is paying dividends for Glasgow businesses

27/03/2017 Creative Industries

Perceptions of the digital industry as an insular environment are wide of the mark. Will Craig, founder and managing director of Glasgow-based marketing and design agency, Digital Impact, explains how collaboration with a range of agencies has benefitted his business.

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Why figures for women in the digital sector don’t add up

24/03/2017 Creative Industries

Women make up just 18% of Scotland’s tech workforce. We take a look below at what can be done to encourage more Scottish women to target a career in digital.

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Using innovation to develop staff skills

20/03/2017 Creative Industries

The creative industries are heavily dependent on the skills and visionary mindset of the people they employ. Scottish Enterprise’s Clare Alexander explains how workplace innovation can boost business growth.

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Collaborating to cut costs and win more business pitches

17/03/2017 Creative Industries

Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS), a Scottish Enterprise subsidiary, was established to help companies grow by setting up consortiums, employee-owned and community businesses.

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Why your business should consider tapping into the sound of the crowd

13/03/2017 Creative Industries

In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to access finance via crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular route for companies. Tim Wright, Director of twintangibles explains why tapping into ‘crowd assets’ has become an essential skill for many businesses.

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How mentors are boosting Scotland’s competitive edge

10/03/2017 Creative Industries

Scotland’s creative sector is already a major contributor to the country’s economy. But, as Marie Dorris of Scottish Enterprise’s Workplace Innovation Team explains, the Business Mentoring service offers our growth companies the opportunity to reinforce the country’s global profile.

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Funding gives Scottish entrepreneurs the Edge

03/03/2017 Creative Industries

Jack Proctor, from the Scottish EDGE, discusses the benefits the competition brings and why you should apply.

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Glasgow support gives Swipii a platform for success

03/03/2017 Creative Industries

Hear how Glasgow's strong reputation for being a creative hub for business is paying dividends for start-up firm, Swipii.

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New space was key element for Atom’s growth plan

27/02/2017 Creative Industries

Graphic Designer, Tom McCrorie shares his story about starting his own design company, Atom, and the challenges of running an independent business.

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The Lighthouse is showing the way for city creatives

24/02/2017 Creative Industries

Ian Elder, Economic Development Manager for The Lighthouse and Creative Industries looks at the impact the centre has had on Scotland’s creative industries.

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Film City’s energetic approach to green issues

20/02/2017 Creative Industries

Film City Glasgow is the heart and soul of Scotland’s film and television industry. Based at Govan Town Hall, it includes production office space, studio/build space, workshop areas, rehearsal/meeting rooms and a café, and is home to more than 25 permanent tenants from the screen and wider creative industries.

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Interface - taking the creative approach to R&D

13/02/2017 Creative Industries

Might specialist facilities, technologies or a collaborative R&D project help you grow your business? Heather Alexander from Interface explains how to find out about the specialist facilities and technologies to help your business grow.

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STEAMMS line-up for Aye Write! 2017

06/02/2017 Tourism and Events

Glasgow City of Science is proud to be supporting Glasgow's annual book festival, Aye Write! 2017.

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Get involved with The Social Mobility Foundation

03/02/2017 Education and Skills Development

Find out about a charity that supports improving social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds and how STEM professionals can get involved in supporting as mentors or with opportunities to develop confidence and skills.

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Catch Pokémon on a University tour or a seat at research cinema for Explorathon GLASGOW

26/09/2016 Tourism and Events

This Friday Scotland will join with Europe in a celebration of research! In Scotland we celebrate this through Explorathon, a 24 hour festival of curiosity. Each week City of Science has been going behind the scenes giving you a peek at what is coming up. This week we’ll be looking at the Research Cinema and Pokémon Go tour, both happening this Friday the 30th of September.

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Making Waves with James Clerk Maxwell

19/09/2016 Tourism and Events

Take a musical tour through the life of Scotland's forgotten Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell as part of Explorathon on 30 September.

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Paragon Play ON

19/09/2016 Tourism and Events

Play ON is an inclusive youth music project for children and young people aged 6-20 years old. The project was set up in May 2013, in response to a University of Strathclyde research publication, “Who Gets to Play?”, which highlighted the inequality of opportunities for young people with additional support needs to access musical activities in Scotland.

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Explorathon Glasgow - a day of vibrant research awaits

12/09/2016 Tourism and Events

With just over three weeks until Glasgow celebrates Explorathon - European Researchers’ Night on Friday 30th September, we’re highlighting some of the exciting events going on across the city. Get hands-on with research and interact with researchers from the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow.

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Uncovering The Hunterian at Explorathon Glasgow

05/09/2016 Tourism and Events

On Friday the 30th of September Glasgow will be part of a continent wide celebration: European Researchers’ Night. In Glasgow we celebrate this night with Explorathon offering a host of activities to get you up close and hands on with cutting edge research. With just four weeks to go we’re giving you a sneak peek at the events. This week we’re looking at The Hunterian Uncovered (Friday 30th September, 12.30-4.30pm).

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PATHway – Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD

29/08/2016 Health and Life Sciences

A European project involving researchers from the University of Glasgow's Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA) group is pioneering a novel approach towards better self-management of Cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

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Explorathon Glasgow unlocks Kelvingrove and the Riverside

29/08/2016 Tourism and Events

With five weeks to go until Explorathon – Scotland’s European Researchers’ Night, we are highlighting researchers and what they have planned. This week we take a closer look at activities taking place at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on Friday 30th September (11am – 4pm) and The Riverside Museum on Saturday 1st October (11am – 4pm).

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Explorathon GLASGOW – Six Week Countdown

22/08/2016 Tourism and Events

With Explorathon just six weeks away, we take a first look at two activities being organised by researchers for the programme: a Coffee House Lecture and a science 'takeover' of The Forge Shopping Centre to inspire the next generation of Scottish scientists.

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What could you do with quantum imaging?

15/08/2016 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

QuantIC, the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging based at the University of Glasgow is inviting people to suggest new ideas and applications for its research.

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Explorathon Extravaganza – European Researchers’ Night Returns

15/08/2016 Tourism and Events

On Friday the 30th September Scotland will come to life with curiosity!

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Register NOW for Venturefest Scotland 2016

12/08/2016 Creative Industries

Venturefest Scotland is an annual, business innovation event for ambitious Scottish SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and innovators designed to inspire, inform and connect. Last year 612 delegates attended; this year 1,000 are expected.

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Hipsters, hustlers and hackers get creative at VentureJam

08/08/2016 Creative Industries

Over the 5th-7th August, teams of young creatives and wannabe entrepreneurs descended on Glasgow Science Centre for VentureJam 2016.

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What can Masters students do for you?

28/04/2016 Education and Skills Development

In the run up to the Engage with Strathclyde week, Anna Selwood, a Careers Adviser at University of Strathclyde Careers Service, writes for Glasgow City of Science on the fantastic opportunities for businesses in making the most of Masters students.

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Strathclyde Student Chapter of SIAM Annual Meeting

28/04/2016 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Maths might be hard to grips with, but its application in industry brings huge benefits that touch all our lives. An event on 3rd May at the University of Strathclyde will showcase some of these vital applications.

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Net Benefits - Is the Digital Society Good for Us?

28/04/2016 Health and Life Sciences

More than ever, we work, live, learn and engage in social networks. But are computers and the networked society a force for good? Or are the fears of new technologies justified?

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Body Image and Eating Disorders – Planning Future Research to Combat Current Challenges

25/04/2016 Health and Life Sciences

Writing for Glasgow City of Science in the run up to Engage with Strathclyde week, Dr Petya Eckler highlights research on body image and eating disorders that will be discussed at an event, 'Body Image and Eating Disorders: Future Research Priorities'.

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Showcasing Projects with Industry

25/04/2016 Low Carbon and Renewables

A poster presentation and networking event at Engage with Strathclyde will demonstrate the benefits of collaboration between industry and students. Some 40 projects will be on show including SME carbon audits, treatment of land contamination, environmental management, Green Network Strategy and hydrogeology projects overseas.

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Engage with Strathclyde

18/04/2016 Tourism and Events

The University of Strathclyde's flagship events programme returns between the 3rd and 6th May 2016 and provides a great opportunity across over 50 different events to engage in research, identify future priorities and build future collaborations.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 8

31/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

In their latest vlog installment, the Strathclyde University team share some of the challenges they've encountered along the way towards making the Shopping Trolley for the Elderly.

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Promoting STEM Equality at City of Glasgow College

21/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

Taking positive action to promote gender equality in STEM, Douglas Morrison from City of Glasgow College writes about the successful approach taken with support of their partners to increase female participation in the college's engineering programme.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 7

21/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

The Strathclyde University team continue their mission to make the winning innovation from last year - the Shopping Trolley for the Elderly.

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Kilmarnock born CERN scientist recalls her 'inspiring teacher'

14/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

Can you remember the name of the teacher who had the biggest impact on the career path you chose? For one Kilmarnock born CERN scientist, Dr Victoria Martin, it was her forward-thinking physics teacher, Mr Samson.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 6

07/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

Find out the latest from the Strathclyde University team about the Shopping Trolley for the Elderly, in ‘Making It – Part 2’ as they show us classical engineering processes; sketching, teamwork, prototype and model making, investigating and problem solving.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 5

07/03/2016 Education and Skills Development

The Strathclyde University Prototype team are starting to get busy… in the fifth vlog they tell us about making prototypes and show us techniques, tools and devices they will be using to build the 2015 winning design.

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The Genetics of Gregor Mendel: A Game of Seeds!

29/02/2016 Health and Life Sciences

It wasn't that long ago that the notion of inheritance of characteristics through genes was somewhat fanciful. As Kirsty Martin explains, one green-fingered scientist's work in particular cultivated the bloom in genetics we see around us today.

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Stem Cells and Social Media – The Future for the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Cell Engineering

25/02/2016 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Writing for Glasgow City of Science, Paula Sweeten, PhD Student & Social Media Strategist tells us why and how The Centre for Cell Engineering decided to embrace social media platforms to take the impact of their work in the lab to the outside world.

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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

15/02/2016 Education and Skills Development

OPAL's Tree Health Survey is doing more than nurturing the environment, it’s an environmental awareness tool for everyone!

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Aye Write! STEAMMS ahead with book festival

06/02/2016 Tourism and Events

Aye Write! - Glasgow's annual book festival is back for 2016 with a stellar line up of top literary names from Scotland and beyond featuring at events centred on the city's iconic Mitchell Library.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 4

05/02/2016 Education and Skills Development

If you could be an engineer in Scotland – what would you do? Join the thousands of children already registered for this exciting free competition! In part 4 of this series of vlogs, student engineers take on the design of a 'Trolley for the Elderly'.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 3

04/02/2016 Education and Skills Development

Part 3 of a series of vlogs about this exciting STEM competition for school pupils hears how engineering students from Strathclyde University chose which design idea to make from the 2015 submissions.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 2

25/01/2016 Education and Skills Development

Watch the second in our series of vlogs about this exciting STEM competition for school pupils.

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Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Awards - Part 1

18/01/2016 Education and Skills Development

If you were an engineer in Scotland, what would you do?

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Glasgow City of Science: 2015 Year in Review

21/12/2015 Education and Skills Development

2015 has seen the Glasgow City of Science (GCOS) partnership go from strength to strength, supporting a record number of multi-partner programmes and activities that aim to support and bolster the science and innovation ecosystem within Glasgow and the West of Scotland. From initiating and supporting the first Venturefest Scotland to driving forward Glasgow's bid to become Innovation Capital (iCapital) of Europe – it has been a fruitful year!

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Antonj van Leeuwenhoek: Appreciating the Little Things…

14/12/2015 Health and Life Sciences

Kirsty Martin takes a close-up look at the little things in life, first revealled by the Dutch scientist, van Leeuwenhoek.

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Women in Science and the impact of social media

10/12/2015 Education and Skills Development

PhD student, Hilary Jane Anderson explores the inequality that still exists between the genders in STEM and the impact social media has on highlighting and addressing the challenges faced, head on.

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Remembering James Clerk Maxwell

29/10/2015 Education and Skills Development

2015 marks the International Year of Light, observing achievements in light science and its countless applications. What better opportunity to shine a light on one of Scotland’s great innovators, a genius whose immense contributions to science and technology are often overlooked – James Clerk Maxwell.

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Engineering The Shard

23/09/2015 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

ScienceGrrl Glasgow's Professor Tracey Howe blogs on a recent talk in Glasgow given by inspirational structural engineer, Roma Agrawal.

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Dazzled by the Dark Lady

21/09/2015 Health and Life Sciences

Kirsty Martin writes an illuminating and personal letter to the 'Dark Lady of DNA', Rosalind Franklin.

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George’s marvellous memorial

17/08/2015 Health and Life Sciences

Continuing the series on "Who's Shoulders Are These Anyway?", Kirsty Martin takes us on the journey in which Sir George Thomas Beatson, medical frontiersman, makes his mark upon the city of Glasgow.

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What’s In Your DNA, Friedrich Miescher?

13/07/2015 Education and Skills Development

The second in series of posts from Kirsty Martin on "Who's Shoulders Are These Anyway?" takes a close-up look at DNA and the work of scientist, Friedrich Miescher.

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Glasgow’s Green Year 2015; Biodiversity July!

06/07/2015 Low Carbon and Renewables

Biodiversity in abundance this July, writes the team at Green Glasgow, with lot's of great opportunity to get outdoors and explore nature around the city.

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A year in OPAL Scotland

29/06/2015 Education and Skills Development

OPAL community Scientist, Joanne Dempster reflects on the fantastic achievements of the OPAL project as it completes its first year in Scotland and a flourishing range of activities to look ahead to over the summer in the great outdoors.

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Digital Storytelling – Using Augmented Reality to Engage the Public in Research

11/06/2015 Tourism and Events

Grant Thomson and Megan McGurk from the University of Strathclyde on bringing research to life through digital storytelling.

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Living Liebig’s laboratory legacy

25/05/2015 Education and Skills Development

Writing for Glasgow City of Science this time around is Kirsty Martin. Chemist, Justus von Liebig starts-off a series of posts over the coming months on important figures in science down the years and how they've impacted on our work today: "Whose Shoulders Are These Anyway?"

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Dissecting futures: Rosannah Jackson’s Anatomy STEM Club

11/05/2015 Education and Skills Development

STEM Ambassador, Rosannah Jackson is inspiring future generations of scientists with an Anatomy STEM Club at Boclair Academy.

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Peek – The Portable Eye Examination Kit

04/05/2015 Health and Life Sciences

Throughout the world, almost 40 million people are blind. Yet, 80% of blindness is avoidable! And most of this avoidable blindness is in low-income countries. Dr Mario Giardini from the Department of Bio-medical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde provides insight into a revolutionary smartphone-based toolkit for eye care.

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Supercomputing for all in the West of Scotland with ARCHIE-WeSt

30/04/2015 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

ARCHIE-WeSt is a regional supercomputer centre at the University of Strathclyde dedicated to research excellence and wealth creation in the West of Scotland. Richard Martin explains how the centre is providing High Performance Computing capability for academia, industry and enterprise.

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A green future envisaged by Images of Research, 2015

27/04/2015 Tourism and Events

Images of Research returns this May to showcase the work of staff and students at the University of Strathclyde. Grant Thomson and Rachel Clark from the Engage with Strathclyde team tell us where and when you can explore the exhibition in 2015.

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Knowledge exchange drives science, technology and business

23/04/2015 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Dr Sean McGinty, a Research and Knowledge Exchange Associate at the University of Strathclyde's Department of Mathematics and Statistics writes for Glasgow City of Science on a SMART way to support solving real world problems.

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Asteroids and Space Debris – Space for Education

20/04/2015 Education and Skills Development

Peter McGinty from the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Strathclyde talks about Stardust.

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Engage with Strathclyde – An innovative approach to knowledge exchange

16/04/2015 Tourism and Events

Engage with Strathclyde, is the University's flasgship programme reaching out to public, private and third sector organisations. Rachel Clark, Yvonne Kinnaird and Grant Thomson, all Engage with Strathclyde team members, give some insight into the innovative and imaginative events you can expect in May 2015.

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Greenland360 expedition inspires climate change action

09/03/2015 Low Carbon and Renewables

Last year, a small team of geography students from Scotland organised their own expedition to Greenland to study the impact of climate change and to create public and educational resources. Writing for Glasgow City of Science, Cameron Mackay shares his personal story of some of the challenges facing our changing planet.

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Resilient Glasgow leads the way amongst global network of cities with shared challenges

23/02/2015 Low Carbon and Renewables

Dr Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation gives her opinion about Glasgow's role in leading the way in responding to and planning for challenges amongst resilient cities around the globe.

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Glasgow City of Botanists

11/12/2014 Low Carbon and Renewables

In 2015, Science Centres and Botanical gardens across Europe will celebrate local biodiversity. Joanne Dempster, Glasgow City of Science's OPAL Community Scientist who is based at Glasgow Science Centre, has been finding out about the great scientists and explorers who founded Glasgow's Botanic Gardens and put Glasgow on the Botanical Science map.

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Skills legacy for community through reCYCLE project

03/11/2014 Education and Skills Development

reCYCLE is an innovative collaboration project in the city that takes unwanted bicycles, refurbishes them if required and donates them to young Glaswegians who need them, helping them learn new skills or providing an affordable mode of transport for job interviews or college.

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